What’s unique about the Kaimai® (MPR™) rifle?

The Kaimai® MPR™ concept is a little different than the standard run-of-the-mill shortened/suppressed rifles, in that it is intended to also be able to use custom subsonic ammunition for special purpose hunting applications, as well as the standard high velocity (factory or custom-loaded) ammunition for general use deer hunting. This means that a new match-grade ‘fast twist’ custom barrel is required to be precision-fitted to the rifles action, in order for the rifle to be able to stabilise and accurately shoot the specialist subsonic hunting bullets (or other projectiles) at those subsonic velocities.

Tikka T3 rifle with suppressor fitted

Combined with the shortened barrel is one of our top quality Kaimai® Hybrid™ aluminium/stainless suppressors (formerly SILENZ®) which all feature a stainless steel self-tightening internal muzzle brake, stainless steel inserts on all of the mid-baffles, Tennalum® ultra-high strength aluminium alloy, and several other advantageous design features that ensure that the best accuracy is maintained, and that the unit is strong and reliable and provides a good level of sound suppression for it’s size, while not being too heavy. There is simply no substitute for the addition of stainless steel right in the critical wear/high-temp internal areas of the suppressor where it is needed most, and while this does add slightly to the final weight of the unit by comparison (approx. 50-70grams more), that is well worth it for the massive increase in life-span, strength and effectiveness – especially on those short-barrelled rifles.


Genuine Kaimai® MPR™ rifles built by us on Tikka T3x actions also feature our quarter-closed (half-cock/safety-lock) conversion on the bolt, which safely and securely locks both the bolt and the trigger simultaneously, for when you want to hunt in a state of ‘semi-readiness’ with a round in the chamber. We have been performing this modification to Tikka rifles professionally for over 10 years, and have the system down to a fine art. As well as the bolt alterations and checking for smooth and reliable feeding, a trigger job comes as standard part of the rifle build process. Custom McMillan stocks (Fibreglass or carbon fibre) are available as an upgrade/extra if required. There are some other customised options which may also be available – just ask.

Kaimai® is a registered trademark. The Kaimai® rifle concept is proprietary to D.F. Maisey Gunsmithing and Firearm Accessories. ©2016.

For quality assurance and customer safety – all rifle work is completed by an internationally Qualified Gunsmith, with over 20 years of professional gunsmithing and rifle building experience. Combined with nationally recognised awards in precision target rifle shooting (Short F-class) and over 30 years of practical hunting experience in New Zealand and overseas.

D.F. Maisey Gunsmithing is based in Tauranga, and was established in 1997. Since that time we have provided a consistently high-level of service and top-quality, honest, reliable workmanship to customers both nationally and internationally. Currently we are still engaged in firearm repairs and servicing, custom rifle builds and other bespoke work, and with the addition of three new CNC machines over the past few years we are also manufacturing our own line of muzzle brakes, suppressors, adjustable gas blocks (for AR15 type rifles), and other custom firearm parts and accessories.

Our motto speaks for what we do: Made better. Made here

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Happy Customer Paul, with his Kaimai Rifle!