Tips / recommendations for loading of subsonic ammunition in centre fire rifles.

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Notes about subsonic ammo (26112017)



Left to Right: .308WIN FMJ, Lehigh 168gr controlled fracture, 151gr cast lead projectile, .30 KAIMAI (TC) 150gr SST, Lehigh 168gr controlled fracture, (projectile by itself), .300 Blackout with 220gr bullet for comparison purposes.


Press Release – November 2018

The Kaimai®Multi-purpose rifle concept has been gaining in popularity, and D.F. Maisey Gunsmithing in Tauranga now announce that as well as the standard .308win fast-twist barrel option, they now have a new custom chamber reamer for the .30 KAIMAI®cartridge. Based on the .30TC (which spawned the popular 6.5 Creedmoor) the cases are 0.100” shorter than a .308win, and the custom throat is optimised for the intended bullets to be used, for both subsonic and high-velocity loads. The shorter, more efficient case design works better in short action magazines, while permitting optimum seating depth for the special 168gr Lehigh subsonic hunting projectiles. It has a promising future in NZ as the cartridge that perfectly bridges the gap between the limitations of the .300 Blackout, and the venerable .308win. For more info check out

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